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This is a website by parents and for parents. It is aimed at parents whose child is desperately unhappy in a traditional school, and are looking for what else is out there.

I was a desperate parent of a 7-year-old miserable son. What helped me most personally was "going to school" on the experiences of parents who traveled these paths before me. The stories and advice of parents are the heart and soul of this website — describing the problems they faced, the options they considered, the option they chose, the outcome, and what they would have chosen if they had it to do over again. In other words, this website provides not a menu but insight — it is not just a menu of choices with links to each school, but instead provides insight into the critical thinking that went into the choices made.

While educators and psychologists may be experts on all children, you are the expert on your child. This website is to empower you.

Although I had in mind targeting this website for parents of children ages 12-16, it is hoped it will be of use for parents of especially younger but also older children as well.

Read more about my philosophy about non-traditional paths and educational alternatives for gifted teenagers.


The educational options available include special schools for gifted/highly gifted children (public magnets or private schools), as well as options both within the current school (acceleration, grade skipping, dual enrollment) and without (home schooling, internet schooling, early college entrance). This website provides information on:

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